Airsoft Rules

Velocity, Joules, BBs

Sniper 2.2J or less
AEG, HPA 1.7J or less
Pistol 1.5J or less


General Airsoft Rules
Players are considered Hit and Eliminated when a BB impacts anywhere on your body, head or gear.
When you’re hit, yell “HIT!” out loud, raise your hand up, put on your barrel cover and walk off the field.
Bounces and Ricochets DON’T COUNT.
Semi-Auto Only In/Out of Buildings/Structures
No Full Auto within 30 ft of the target player.
Medics: Special games involving players designated as Medics, allows them the ability to revive “dead” players by touching them with both hands for 10 secs.
NO BB’s under 0.20g in weight.
NO outside/off-field bbs allowed.

All Airsoft Masks must meet or exceed ANSI Z87+ Ballistic Rating and provide a full seal around the eyes without any visible gaps.  The masks must cover your ears and face as well.  


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