Passport to Adventure: Tactical Game Day

 Next Passport to Adventure Day to be announced.

Special Hogan’s Alley Paintball Scenario Day Passports will be given out to each  registered player. Start your day as a civilian and earn stamps throughout the day  to work your way through the ranks.  Your first stamp will earn you the privilege of becoming a private.   Play your way through ranks such as corporal, sergeant, lieutenant, Major and many more.  If this is your first tactical day, the highest ranking you can reach this scenario day, is Major General.  Keep your passport and come back for our next  Scenario Day in hope of becoming a 4 Star General.  If you played in our first scenario day, best of luck in resuming you ascent to 4 Star General!  

Each scenario is open to all ability levels and will run on four fields simultaneously.    

Scenarios will be as follows:

  1. Field 4:  The Landing Zone.  Rescue the pilot from the helicopter and get him to safety at the designated extraction point.  A killed (shot) pilot ends the game.  Players carrying the pilot must drop him at the time of being shot out.  Bonus objective:  No casualties.  Get the pilot to safety without losing a player. 
    • Games will be 10 minutes each.  Out players must remain in dead box and cannot coach from the dead box.  Players may recycle at 3 minutes.
  2. Field 5: The Front lines.  Use the rocket launcher provided to blow up the enemy's weapon.  Blue team players shoot at the tank, red team players at the airplane.  Each team will be given a rocket and will have to use teamwork to get their rocket man into the house where the rocket launcher is kept.  Successful hit on the enemy's weapon end the game.  Bonus objective:  Gather supplies.  Ammo crate, fuel can, and hose will be on the field.  Collect all three at your starting zone to get a bonus stamp. 
    • Games will run for 20 minutes.  Out players must remain in dead box without coaching live players.  Players will recycle at 5 and 12 minutes.
  3. Field 6:  Old School.  Objective is to raise your flag at your opponents flag station to win and end the game.  Bonus objective:  Raise the flag in the center of the field and keep it up for 1/2 of the game.
    • Games will be 20 minutes.  PLayers who are out must remain in dead boxes and cannot coach live players.  Players will recyle at 5 and 12 minutes.
  4. Field 2:  So you think you can paintball?  Show your a well rounded paintball players by winning a speedball match.  Bonus objective:  No players eliminated while doing it.
    • Games will be one minute per person per team (i.e. 5 on 5 is a 5 minute game).  Teams must be even and between 3 and 7 people.  Center flag must be in orange box.  Please note that players who are dead must remain in dead box and are not allowed to coach

Scenarios will repeated throughout the day.   For each scenario, every player on the winning team will receive a stamp on their passport.  The last scenario on each field will start at 3:00.  A Hogan’s Alley Paintball representative will be in that staging area to hand out a raffle ticket for each stamp received.  A minimum of one stamp will be given to each player with a passport with a maximum of 16 tickets that can be accumulated in a day.

For the returning soldiers with passports, tickets will be given for all stamps in the passport, including the ones ones from the previous tactical game.

Additional prizes for the tactical game will be announced at a later time:

Admission is $39.99 per soldier and includes all day air and rental gear for those who need it.  Paint is not included.  Custom Blend Paint will be sold for $55 a case.  Further details will be provided on Scenario Day.

Remember to keep the passport to use it during our next Scenario Day.

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Register as individuals or as a whole team.  There is a discount of $2.50 per person for prepayment of a team of 5 or more.  If you want to register a team, please phone in your reservation to 203-238-2875


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