Welcome to Joe Watson’s private registration page.  This is where you can sign up to play Tactical paintball on 7-29-17. The arrival time is 11:00am and you'll play paintball until 2pm.

We'll be playing tactical paintball with military styled gear.  These markers come setup in different formats.  Sniper, assault, and support setups are distributed evenly to the 2 teams.  This is for the video game enthusiast, it's like being in the game!  Sniper will receive a sniper gun and backup pistol.  Support players will receive tactical markers and grenade.  Assault players will play with short-range, high rate of fire guns.  Games will be played on fields 4, 5, and 6.  Packages come with the gun, tank, mask, tactical vest, and 500 paintball each.

Registration is $59.99 plus tax per person.  After you register please fill out the waiver and make sure you select YES to are you with a group that has reservations.

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