Ticket Sales and Reservations

What is a paintball ticket?

Paintball tickets are a discounted admission with basic rental.  You can buy discount tickets now and they are good for one year.  Tickets are for open play, not valid on private groups and are subject to blackout times.  Reservations are REQUIRED for any ticket use.

Tickets USA

Tickets USA

Redeem tickets purchased from Tickets USA here.  These are physical tickets with no ticket numbers.  These are open play standard tickets. 


Paintball Tickets

Redeem tickets purchased from Paintball Tickets here.  These are emailed tickets bought from Paintball Tickets.  See logo above.  These are open play standard tickets.

Hogan's Alley Paintball

Hogan's Alley Discount Tickets

Redeem tickets purchased from Hogan's Alley directly here.  Use this option for tickets from fundraisers too!  These can be used for open play low impact or open play standard.

Paintball International

Paintball International
Paintball Tickets Low Impact

Redeem tickets purchased from Paintball International here. These are emailed tickets bought from Paintball Tickets. See logo above.  These are for open play low impact.

What makes a ticket different?



Groups of ticket holders are put together so there is enough people to offer a discount.  Check availability to se what dates and times are available to you.  


Only basic nessesities are included

Everyone needs a mask, marker, air, and paintballs.  That's what you get with a ticket reservation.  Our regular equipment bundle includes a headwrap to keep your hair clean and reduce fogging.  Our regular bundle also includes a double pouch, tubes, and a belt to carry additional paintballs in the field for fast reloading.


Tickets are for Open Play

Open play means that you'll be playing with others.  More people means more fun, and a chance to meet new people.  Contact a sales person for information on upgrading to a private group, Low Impact paintballs, or better gear.



Ticket Reservations have to be made at least 24 hours in advance for us to be more efficient and offer this discount.  


Have a question on tickets?  Let us know!


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