Super Store and Service Center

Lowest Price Everyday, Guaranteed

Try it, Buy it, service it.  All right here.  New items and used items.  Trade ins accepted for all paintball and airsoft gear.  All at the best price now, and with a 30 day price protection guarantee.

Online Shopping

Our online store has the best prices just like our Super Store.  Check inventory in real time and buy items for in store pickup or delivery.  Orders in Connecticut are delivered next day.

5,000sf of Fun

Way more than a proshop.  Our store offers a shopping experience that's worth the drive.  It's like Ikea, but for Paintball and Airsoft.  Trade in or sell your old gear here.  Come in for a quote.

Try it Out

Make sure your money is well spent by testing any of our new or used equipment out in our indoor or outdoor target ranges.  You can even try out select gear on the field in real matches before you buy.

Full Service

Tune ups, repairs, custom fabrication
Soldering, Upgrades, and Hydro Testing.

Service Rates

$15 per 15 minute intervals.  Most repairs can be completed in under a half an hour which includes test firing with paintballs and setting velocity.  You will be contacted if the total for work to be done is $45 or more.  Under $45, the work will be completed without a quote unless specified.

Hydrostatic Testing

We are the only paintball field that hydros tanks.  Our turn around time is a week or less.  $25 for solid metal bottles and $28.50 for fiber wrapped bottles.  We also offer wholesale pricing for other stores and fields.  Use the form below to request regular or wholesale pricing.

New and Used Gear

We take trade ins, and sell used gear.  Markers, masks, clothing, and protective gear.  Trade up, or start out inexpensively.  Try any of the used gear before your buy and everything comes with a 30 day guarantee.

Electronics Repair

Don't replace a whole expensive circuit board or solenoid.  We repair individual components instead of replacing to save you money!  We build custom battery packs, replace power buttons, replace micro switches, and more.  Most board repairs cost $35, about 1/3 of a new board.

Custom Machining

Need a part for an antique?  Can't find it anywhere?  If we don't have it, we'll make it.  Metal or plastic, simple or complex.  Want to fit a large diameter barrel into a small diameter shroud?  We do that.

Gear Buy Back

We buy used equipment for cash! Not playing anymore?  Sell off your old gear here.  Bring it in for a or use our online Buy Back Quote form.

Service/Buy Back Quote

Please fill out the form below if you have work to be done or would like a quote for buying your used gear.


998 North Colony Rd
Meriden, CT 06450


Phone: (203) 238-2875